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Christmas Window Displays

I have always loved to view the designs in store windows, especially at Christmas. There is something about all the creativity spun into the short stories they tell. These windows at Saks in New York are saturated in color for their Christmas stories.

Called Theater of Dreams, these window displays showcase the Broadway stage. I wonder if the girl in red is thinking about shopping while at the theater in this red window (above) while the poodle admires herself in the mirror.

Act II with the poodle in curlers is my favorite window.

Look hard to see the sassy poodle on a leash on the left-hand side of this photo…probably admiring her curls in a mirror!

The poodle is stealing the show in this green Act IV window and I bet she is trying to find a good pair of shoes.

In Act V she has shopped until she dropped and the poodle’s curls have flopped. So creative and beautiful, I would miss these little story makers if all the brick and mortar stores close as people shop online. I hope beautiful store display windows never go extinct.

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