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Mother’s Day Luncheon

Trying to set a pretty table for a Mother’s Day luncheon? A little secret to creating a table is to mix high-end items with paper. Modern paper plates have gorgeous patterns that follow current table trends. This means that you can set a different table for all your celebrations without the need or expense of new dinnerware.

These plates are made by Caspari (click here to see their selection of products) and have a beautiful pattern. I had planned to set a white table with these plates but they are so pretty with green that the table went a different way.

A variety of green ferns and spider plants (or airplane plants) mixed together created the centerpiece in a white basket. Leaves were used for place cards. Gold flatware accentuates the golden center of the flowers on the plates.

Green glasses serve as containers for a chopped salad. (Click here for one of my favorite chopped salad recipes.) Try to look at things in a different way and see if you can use them for another purpose than you usually use them for. Pretty glasses can have a variety of uses which means that you can use them more often and for more things than the intended purpose.

Click here to see this same table with dessert and get a recipe for a Blackberry Lime Tarts. Click here for the limeade recipe that was used for this table.

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