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The Golden Eggs

Set an unexpected table for spring or Easter with golden eggs minus the pastel and spring colors. This table was set with a gray and white striped runner and golden accents including gold chargers, flatware, candleholders, and eggs. A few white flowers, greenery, and white candles fill out the table.

How To Make Sparkling Eggs

Gold and silver styrofoam sparkle eggs can usually be found during the springtime at dollar stores. If you can’t find them, you can always make your own. Click here for a source for styrofoam eggs. To make them follow these steps:

  1. Insert a long wooden skewer (found in the kitchen section at the grocery store) into the bottom of a styrofoam egg.
  2. Brush the egg with glue or Mod Podge.
  3. Sprinkle glitter over the egg until it is coated (silver sparkle eggs look great with gold gilded eggs). Be sure to place a sheet of paper under the glitter so you can collect and reuse any glitter that falls.
  4. While the egg dries, stick the bottom end of the skewer into a piece of styrofoam or balance the skewer across a glass so the egg doesn’t touch anything.
  5. Once the egg is dry, you can pull out the skewer and place a drop of glue in the skewer hole.
  6. Then place glitter on the drop of glue. Let dry and then it is ready to use.

Another idea for glitter eggs still on the skewers, is to place them in flower arrangements. Stick the bottom end of the skewer into an arrangement for a little spring touch.

I had a centerpiece egg that I hadn’t used in a while. (Click here for a large egg source so you can make your own.) I had painted it a couple of times but wanted to use it as the centerpiece for this table. I used gold gilding paper to give it a shiny look because I didn’t really want it covered with sparkles which are more difficult to repaint when I need to use the egg for another look. I used Martha Stewart gold gilding sheets (click here to buy them) and gilding adhesive (click here to buy it). I also used this gilding process on smooth craft eggs to make some smaller golden eggs for the table.

How to Gild Smooth Eggs

It is so easy to gild a smooth egg although it does not work to gild a styrofoam egg. Here are the steps:

  1. Paint a thin coat of the gilding adhesive on the egg’s surface. I put the egg on wax paper to dry.
  2. Once the adhesive is dry (it will still be tacky), place a gilding sheet over the egg’s surface and rub the included backing sheet so the gilding will stick to the adhesive.
  3. Pull off the backing sheet and gently rub the gilding with your fingers (or use a small paintbrush) to smooth the gilding. Gently keep rubbing until the gilding is very smooth.
  4. Continue to use additional gilding sheets to completely cover the egg’s surface.

It is just that easy to gild any kind of smooth eggs. You can even do this with hardboiled eggs, just don’t eat the eggs after gilding.

To keep this table simple, I used greenery and white flowers in short vases. I used white candles and brass candleholders that can be found here or try Etsy for used candleholders.

I hope you enjoy creating your own golden egg table. Keep scrolling for a few more table photos.

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