An Evergreen Table

by elyn_ryn

There is nothing quite like the simple beauty of an evergreen table for winter!  Pairing greens with white gives a crisp clean look.  Add in a few red berries or glassware and it says festive in a hurry.

This tablescape came together with just three things:  white items, glass, and evergreen cuttings. White dinnerware from Potterybarn (found here), white candles, white linen tablecloth (found here) and white napkins gave the table a neutral look.  The crystal candle holders were found at Home Goods, a few clear glass ornaments were bought at a craft store, and drinking glasses were used as vases.  Then I added evergreen cuttings for color.  The majority of these cuttings are from a deodar tree.  I soaked them in water to wash them, which causes the needles to contract into tight tufts.  It gives them an interesting look for the table.  Once they dry out, they become bushy like a pine tree.

Stemless champagne flutes (found here) were perfect containers for the evergreens because of the small opening that held the greenery firmly in place.  Also, I needed several vases so drinking glasses worked well because I had two sets.  Many times I use what I have and oftentimes it works better than trying to buy something that might be hard to find.

I used vintage silverware rather than gold to keep the look simple and white.  White bows tied together the silverware to give it a casual look.

I had a large fluted crystal bowl, which held the battery-operated lighted crystal globes I used.  A few sprigs of pine were tucked around the globes.  You can see the battery pack at the bottom of the bowl.  Tucking a few more sprigs of greenery would hide the battery pack, but in person, it was not noticeable at all.

Placecards were also white with a sprig of cedar.

I placed a single strand of battery-operated mini lights down the table, hiding the battery pack under a footed white dish. You can see the black battery box in the photo above, but from the table, it wasn’t noticeable.

I hope these photos give you inspiration for setting your own table of white and evergreens. It is a very simple and easy table to put together. Use what you have and you might be surprised at what you find tucked away that will give you this look.  Enjoy the rest of the photos.

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