A casual fall table with apples is easy to pull together.  I used a square black and white buffalo plaid throw to cover the table.  Throws that are normally used as a small blanket can do double duty as a table cover, especially when used for a casual affair.  They come in so many colors that they just work well on a table. Then they can go back to their life as a blanket, keeping you from having to store a tablecloth when not being used.

This table was layered with black and red plates and utensils.  The centerpiece is a bowl of apples.

The flowers are optional because the apple centerpiece provides a lot of color and interest.

Use some interesting or textured glasses.

If using flowers, scatter a few on the table.

Use apples as place card holders. Make a place card out of cardstock, punch two holes one-half inch (about 13 millimeters) apart.  Cut a thick string and weave it through the place card and tie the ends together in the black of the apple, This gives you a functional way to display the place cards and also serves as decoration for your table.

Roll up your napkins and tie with the same string used on the apple place cards.  This tells your guests that this meal is casual and lets them relax and enjoy themselves.

Make apple pie or crisp in individual bakers.  Click here for my “go to” Apple Crisp recipe.  There are lots of bowls that are made to be ovenproof. Guests will love their own little apple pie! But they also love a large pie where they can go back for seconds! Either way, apple pie is appreciated!

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