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Patriotic Stars

by elyn_ryn

Setting a Theme Table

Red, white, and blue-colored tables say it’s time for a patriotic holiday or summertime fun! And it is so festive and easy to create one.  For this table decor, I used a tasseled throw for the tablecloth and navy napkins as placemats.  Garlands from the dollar store crisscrossed the table for the centerpiece.  I set out red plates, patterned bowls, and fruit cups to tie the look together. In the above photo, I used a red slush punch to give the table a splash of red.

Choosing a Tablecloth

Lighter-colored tablecloths are easier to work with when you use strong colors such as red and blue. If you use a dark tablecloth and dark serving pieces, it is hard for anything to show up because the items don’t contrast and can appear dull. And red, white, and blue are definitely not dull! This tablecloth was a throw I stole from the sofa! It is white with dark blue lines which was a perfect backdrop for this table.

Mixing Patterns

Don’t be afraid to mix patterns! Go ahead and use what you have as I did with this throw made into a tablecloth. I added patterned bowls and cups that were not from the same set but they all worked together.

Also, use paper or melamine plates to get a red, white, and blue look.  There are lots of patriotic plates, napkins, and cups that are very festive. Paper straws also are made in lots of patriotic patterns. 

The fruit cups are made of waxed paper so the fruit doesn’t make the cups soggy.  They stay stiff and usable for as long as you need them.  They also make great ice cream, cupcakes, and muffin cups.

Using Food as Decorations

Raspberries, strawberries, cherries, and blueberries make a nice fruit dessert topped with whipped cream. Not only are they healthy but they decorate the table in red, white, and blue colors. Many desserts also help set a festive red, white, and blue table. Click here for a flag cake recipe and here for a patriotic pie recipe. Or serve sandwiches on red, white, and blue swirled bread.

Use a flavorful punch to add color to your table. This red slush punch (below) adds lots of color to this table! As a matter of fact, you can use all white or clear serving dishes and a white table cloth and create a very patriotic table just with food and drinks!

Try a chilled dessert such as Sweet Cream Fruit Cups (above) to create a red, white, and blue look.

Creating Centerpieces

There are many options for centerpieces such as a flower arrangement, a cake on a cake stand, a bowl of fruit, a cup of flags, or something as simple as a couple of star banners that criss-cross the table as shown below.

Add a few star-topped toothpicks that can be found at dollar stores and the table becomes festive!

Always remember to look for theme-colored items that you might already have on hand to create a red, white, and blue table. And if you don’t have serving pieces in the colors you need, then opt for using food to create a patriotic table.

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