Pie crust cutting can be very therapeutic.  You can use kitchen objects with interesting shapes, very small cookie cutters, scissors, or drinking straws to cut out pieces.  Just use your imagination like small children do when they cut out shapes in play dough.  I think toy cutters made for dough cutting would let you create some interesting crusts!  

I was surprised the first time I made a very intricate crust.  I was dreading it and kept thinking that I didn’t have time for it.  Then I started cutting and soon I forgot about the time.  I just cut and relaxed and cut some more.  It was not at all what I expected!

No two crusts are alike so each will be your masterpiece!

Everyone will be impressed because it looks like a very artistic piece…

…when actually a small child can create a beautiful crust.

I used bought pre-made crust in the refrigerated section of the grocery store.

It usually takes 3 crusts for a very pretty decorated pie – one for the bottom and two for the top.  If your top crust is just a few cutouts placed on top of the pie filling, then two crusts would be enough.

Try rollings a few balls to scatter across your pie.  But whatever you design, just have fun and enjoy the moment!

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