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It’s a Boo-tiful time of Year

It’s a beautiful time of year and a little “boo” is what makes fall so much fun.  Whether for Halloween or just for fall, an orange, purple, and green tablescape is lively and downright fun.  I used battery-operated fairy lights under the tulle.  I found some old drinking glasses tucked back behind some things I don’t often use.  Fortunately, the colors were perfect for this table.

I tried paper plates in different shades of orange, but they were too orange.  These plates in a terra cotta color hit the mark.

 But what tied the look together were the flower arrangements. Sometimes flowers can make things go together when they really don’t.

I enjoyed the bright colors of this tablescape so much that I left the table set until the flowers gave out. Fortunately, these flowers hung around for a while.

It’s hard to top a table with this much energy.  

These same plates could easily take on a different look with more muted colors.  But it is hard to imagine them without the vibrant colors of fall and Halloween.

Most of the decorations for this table came from leftover wreath supplies – fairy lights, tulle, and glittered styrofoam balls.

I used a child’s small Halloween chair as a serving tray. It had just the height needed to elevate some of the food.

I had other things I could have used in these same colors, but the table looked much better edited, and then edited some more. I hope this gives you some ideas for creating a look for fall.

I find that it is difficult to be creative when there are so many demands around holidays.  So why not create your own holiday and celebrate by having family or friends around to enjoy something special that you have created just for them?

Rainbow-colored flatware was perfect for this table. I only used the colors that best matched and felt they suited the whimsical nature of this table.

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